Intimate Health, Relationships and Cyber-encounters – Is it Cheating or Fair Game?

Is Cyber-intimacy Cheating?

Cyber-encounters are a relatively new phenomenon,Guest Posting in that, just a generation ago, they were unheard of. It is something many men may not readily admit to, though most men (and women, too!) are likely curious about it. When it comes to the question of relationship infidelity, intimate health and cyber-encounters, there are many different opinions about what constitutes cheating. However, before engaging in any type of intimate relationship – virtual or not – it is imperative to have a healthy male organ. The fact of the matter is, a sluggish male organ simply isn’t doing anybody any favors.

What are cyber-encounters?

Cyber-encounters, also known as virtual intimacy, uses computer messaging, chat rooms, and often webcams to connect two people – or more – together over the Internet in a virtual tryst. Chat partners exchange intimate dialogue, discuss or act out intimate fantasies, exchange racy pictures and –more often than not – flash a little skin. By most definitions, cyber-intimacy only takes place when one or both individuals engaged in the conversation self-pleasure during the encounter.

So, is cyber-intimacy cheating?

There are widely different opinions on this topic, with some individuals feeling it definitely is cheating, others feeling it is not, and still others somewhere in the middle. The three opinions are laid out below:

Yes. Cyber-intimacy is totally cheating.

Individuals who believe cyber-intimacy is cheating feel that any type of intimate encounter with a person outside of a committed relationship is wrong. Allowing another person to see one unclothed, exchanging provocative conversation and yes, manual stroking in the presence of another person is most definitely cheating – even if they are not in the same room and do not even touch one another skin to skin.

No. Cyber-encounter are definitely not cheating.

Then, of course, there is the group of people who feel it support-intimacy is not cheating. No fluids were ever actually exchanged, and no physical contact occurred, so how could it be considered cheating? This mindset may see cyber-encounters as just an extension of manual stroking, with a very real fantasy component involved. On the other hand, most people would agree it is important to have the consent of one’s partner before engaging in this type of relationship. Remember, just because one person does not feel it is cheating does not guarantee the other will hold such a liberal opinion of the situation!

Maybe. It depends on the situation.

Still other individuals are wishy-washy on the issue at hand (pun intended), they may have conditions on cyber-encounters such as, it is okay to engage in racy conversation, but it is not okay to self-pleasure to climax. Or, perhaps it is okay to self-pleasure so long as a webcam is not in use during the deed. The definition of cheating may also depend on the seriousness of the relationship – or the virtual relationship. For instance, if the in-person relationship is not very serious, having a virtual one may be no different than dating two people at once. Or, even in a serious relationship, cyber-encounters with others may be okay, so long as it is an occasional rendezvous and one is not emotionally involved with the virtual partner.