Abstract Metal Art and Abstract Metal Art Overview

Abstract art,Guest Posting as defined by Wikipedia, “uses a visual language of color, form and line that creates a composition which independently exists, irrespective of visual references to the world.” Nothing could be truer of abstract metal art.


Abstract metal art is not bound by any confines of size or materials. Unlike the painter who is bound by the two dimensional nature of his medium, or the stone sculptor who is limited by the size of the stone he works with or the composer who needs to create tonal progressions and melodies that are bound by mathematical rules on the nature of harmony, the artist who creates abstract metal art is bound by nothing except the availability of materials. There is no image or emotion that he cannot express on his own terms. From a small accurate depiction of a fly to a huge work made up of junkyard debris, as long as it fits in the proposed display area, the abstract metal artist can create it.


Abstract metal art, as with any form of abstract art, has no fixed form or structure. The purpose of true art is to convey more than the eye normally appreciates. It must cause the viewers to think, analyze and then to understand. A well known modern Dutch artist once defined it saying that Art had a meaning, this meaning was hidden on purpose. By definition, art is unusable. This definition may be debatable, but is applies to abstract metal art and well as any other. Although more of a physical presence than other art form, abstract metal art serves no physical purpose. It may occupy a great deal of space and demand immediate attention, but the purpose is to convey a thought or emotion and make the viewer think.


In the home abstract metal art can take many metal wall art forms. It may be in the form of an accurate depiction of an object or a creature, like the small table top castings of animal figures so popular in India. Or it may be distorted image, conveying the artist’s understanding of an object. It may be a phantasmagorical shape, arising from an image in the artist’s mind which has no relation to anything real. It may be made out of any metal and formed by any means – casting, welding, soldering and bonding. Abstract metal art may use either virgin materials or it may be created by the joining together of existing metal objects that may have no relation to each other except in the form of an abstract concept in the mind of an artist.

When buying abstract metal art, many people think that the value lies in the material used in the creation. While this may be true of mass produced decorative items for the home which may use precious or semi precious metals or stones, individually created or commissioned works of art are valued purely on their artistic merit and for this reason a piece of abstract metal art made of items collected from a junk yard may be more valuable than one using titanium.